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Name Numerology

Numerology by its very nature refers to the study of the symbolism associated with numbers. It can be used to determine the strengths, talents, personality and obstacles of a person that must be overcome, as we have seen. It can also be used to determine a person’s inner needs as well as the best way of dealing with another person. Both a person’s name as well as their birth date can be used to make this determination. The birth date is always fixed and constant. As a […]

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History of Numerology

As mankind emerged from living a simple tribal life, numbers became increasingly important. Systems of all types were developed, from simple measurements that were used for everyday use to systems that were used for religious beliefs. These systems grew in complexity, taking on the understanding of a variety of factors. Many of these systems were developed by the Chaldeans, the Mayans, the Hindus, the Hebrews and the Chinese. The goal of all of these first systems was to help explain the relationships that existed between man and […]

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What Is Numerology

Numerology is a type of ancient science which has roots in Egypt, China, India, Greece and Chaldea. The actual practice is based upon studying numbers as well as the hidden meaning and symbolism behind numbers. Numerology is frequently used to determine the talents, strengths and personality of a person as well as the inner needs, best ways to deal with someone and possible challenges. It is widely believed that by decoding the letters of the alphabet that are used in names it is possible to reveal information […]

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