Greek Numerology

Greek numerology is another type of numerology that is often studied. The difference in this case is that numerology tends to refer to divination rather than symbolism. There are actually four different types of Greek numerology.

They are:

  • Lot divination
  • Lucky numbers
  • Psephic techniques
  • Geomantic technique

Lot Divination

Lot divination, sometimes also known as cleromancy, was at one time one of the most widely practiced systems within the ancient world. Practitioners of the system would have the person who was interested throw dice and then choose a number from one to ten randomly. The resulting numbers would then be compared against a list of values. This form is believed to be the oldest type of numerology.

Lucky Numbers

Lucky numbers, sometimes also known as auspicious number, were used about the same time as lot divination. In this method, certain days of the month, months and even hours were considered to be unlucky. Healthcare and medicine were often linked to this practice. For example, patients would only be bled on days that were considered to be auspicious.

Psephic Techniques

This system is most well known as gematria. It was developed around the second century and became quite popular, particularly in the Greek speaking world. In this world letters were also used for numbers and due to that fact every word could potentially be a number. In addition, numbers could also be used as acronyms or words. In this system, names as well as words would be converted to numbers. This was accomplished by adding the numerical value of the letters and then using them sums to analyze the future.